Our flock of Lleyn Sheep

At Blue Welly Farm we have a small flock of 30 Lleyn ewes and one ram called Rambo. We are slowly expanding the flock and are aiming to double its size in the next couple of years.

Lleyn Sheep

On Blue Welly Farm we have 2 Border Collies, Craig and Glen, who help out with rounding up the sheep. The flock is outside all year round and is only brought inside during the lambing season. Unlike some commercial operations we bottle feed any orphans and care for them before re-introducing them back into the flock.

The sheep are put to pasture in North Norfolk where they love to browse through grassland and sugar beet fields, eating grass and beet tops before harvest time, giving our them a full and varied diet. We don’t intensively feed our sheep because we believe allowing them to mature in a more natural time period gives the meat a better fuller flavour.