Gloucester Old Spots

We have four Gloucester-Old-Spot sows: Gladys, Florence, Peggy and Eileen, as well as Arthur the Boar. Like all the animals at Ottleys Blue Welly Farm the pigs are free range and being a closed herd, they donít have to go too far after leaving mum. We house them in family groups so there arenít too many in a cosy kennel (hut) and they donít have to deal with the stress of getting to know strange pigs.


All the arks and kennels are especially designed for pigs and will hold up to 40 at once; however we only ever have 12 to 15 pigs in any one ark so they have loads of space to spread out and browse. Each group has ¼ of an acre to run play and root in. We feed them on a mixture of pig nut and stock-vegetables such as spuds, parsnips and apples which we scatter around their paddocks so they can really root around.